Continuous Delivery & the Database – The Final Frontier?

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We talk to many teams in organizations of all shapes and sizes about automating application deployment. A point we always try to stress is that you really need to think about automating all the steps required to get your application running. Most of the teams we talk to say that yes, of course, this is

Is DevOps for the database possible? Answer to win Beats by Dre

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Do you practice DevOps and automation on your database deployment? Is it even possible to? Complete our survey to add your expert voice to this important discussion and you can win Beats by Dre! Take the DevOps for the Database survey now! About the Author Yaniv is the Co-Founder and CTO of DBmaestro, the leading

Top 5 blogs of 2014

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An $87 million fine, IT salary rankings, DevOps, continuous delivery and version control for the Database – These are the stories that were popular in 2014. Click on any headline to read the story.

Database Continuous Delivery & Version Control

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In my previous blog post on this subject I reviewed the phases of promoting database code changes from the deployment, build and version control points of view. We’ve demonstrated how the unique character of the database require a different approach than using file-based version control build and deploy process. Although the process of enforcing source

DevOps Culture Shift redefining Enterprise IT – Slowly

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Joe McKendrick over at ZDNet reported on a new study of 1,425 business and IT leaders, released by CA Technologies. The survey finds that 24 percent of enterprises have DevOps in place, in one form or another. Another 46 percent plan to explore DevOps strategy over the next two years or so.

The top 5 predictors of high IT performance

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DevOps in not a buzz word and not a hype, it is a culture and the new direction to which organizations must align themselves in order to meet the current business requirements. PuppetLabs released their 2014 State of DevOps Report. The research team interviewed companies of all sizes and from all industries, from startups to