An error in deployment can cost you $100 Million

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When I talk with CIOs of financial enterprises, I ask them to guess how much an error in production can cost. Most of them can’t give me a number but now we know the answer, around $100 Million. A little background – on June 19th 2012, there was a software update for RBS’s CA-7 software

The DevOps journey has just begun

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James Fryman of StackStorm wrote an interesting article in Venture Beat he writes that DevOps appears to be gaining a significant amount of traction as of late. While the initial DevOpsDays conference had 50-60 attendees, the count in Berlin is now up to around 250, and topped 450 in Ghent — with nearly 70 percent

DBA: Guardian of the Data – Guest Post by Robert L Davis

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This blog, by Robert L Davis, originally appeared on SQLSoldier.com. republished here with permission. I was asked recently by Idera to take a look at the things that could cost a DBA their job. This has lead to a new whitepaper I wrote about the 5 mistakes that DBAs make that can cost them their

How Tom Brady implements DevOps

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Yesterday I read an interesting article from business Insider about Tom Bradly, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Although I don’t really follow football very closely, I realize that this guy is awesome – he is adopting agility and devops into his life. For years, many have been anticipating his inevitable decline. Twice

Why 2015 is the year of DevOps culture

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According to Ben Rossi writing in InformationAge, IT workers who have a career legacy spanning both development and operations will be highly sought after in 2015