Why compromise when you can have it all?

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I recently read an article “New Research Reveals Why IT Should Forget About Development”; that reveals IT trends and outlooks pertaining to application development practices. The article is based on research performed by Serena Software with over 1,000 IT professionals. The research referred to Application Lifestyle Management and how satisfied people are with the various fundamental processes in their systems.

Top factors holding companies back from continuous delivery

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It seems like not a week goes by without the publication of a new study showing the benefits of building a continuous delivery process, this begs the obvious question: Why are some software development companies holding out? What are the main reasons why some organizations have not yet adopted continuous delivery? Here is an informal

The 10 worst database breaches of all time.

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The information technology age has brought with it a new opportunity for the criminally minded. Unfortunately, our government agencies and corporations have not always been as guarded as they could