Start small, fail fast, save big

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In a great column in the Times, Matt Ridley discusses some of the more significant drivers of change in software industry; Agile development, DevOps concepts and its derivative practices of automation such as continuous integration and continuous delivery. These methodologies are proving their value in a big way for small ISVs, larger IT departments and even huge government projects.

How Cisco went from 2 releases to 15 – 20 releases per year

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Rachel King had an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal where she interviewed Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby about their journey to continuous delivery. Cisco was one of the early adopters of continuous development changing how its IT team delivers updates of enterprise resource planning software. In the last four to five years,

Address DevOps, security, and growth, says CA CEO

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By Stephen Withers At CA World ’14, CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire identified three imperatives of today’s IT: rapid innovation, security, and handling the growth in IT environments. “DevOps needs to be at the centre,” he said, as it provides “a smoother, faster path to innovation.” Without it, there’s a tension between operations’ desire to

How to develop DevOps capabilities in a mature organisation

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By Nigel Wilson in Computing I would wager that, as a reader of Computing, your career spans either development or operations – but not both. However, in 2015, workers with both skills will be in high demand: developers who understand infrastructure, experienced and non-functional testers, automation-focused infrastructure engineers and operations staff. Agility in delivering IT

How to achieve database rollback with total control

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I had a very long discussion with the CIO of a large US bank a few days ago who was specifically interested to know if and how DBmaestro TeamWork can help with rollback database deployment. We talked about their current process and what he hopes to improve. Being in the database area for more than

The Definitive Guide to Database Version Control

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The database component has special requirements, and therefore creates a real challenge for automation processes. In the old days when there were only a few releases per year, it was common and understandable to invest time manually reviewing and maintaining the database deployment scripts. Today, with the growing need to be agile and provide releases