In today’s world of agile and DevOps, the amount of different types of environments, databases and schemas are virtually endless. Every single company and organization has their own setup, which is tailored to their needs and which works best for their purposes.

When maintaining and upkeeping your environment, whether it be a large non-profit organization or a globe-spanning financial industry, the end goal must always be the same: there must be zero disruption. DBmaestro kept that in mind as our main objective in 2018, and below are just some of the things we did to make that goal a reality:

DevOps for the Finance Sector

It’s a well-known fact, even a truism, to say that in the finance and banking world, if you’re not innovating, if you’re just a part of the pack and not leading it, you’re already falling behind. With that in mind, we’ve taken extra care and focus on tailoring our product specifically for the finance industry to ensure that no matter what changes, updates or advances are made, your information is always safe, secured, and there is no chance of error going unnoticed and without the ability to immediately roll it back, minimizing the impact to your customers and users, or even better – providing proactive alerts to prevent errors.

Open Source Databases

In 2018 we took steps to add open source databases and functionality into our core platform. What does this mean for you? That we work with all of the top databases: MSSQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle and we’re adding MySQL and MongoDB to the mix. By embracing open source databases, we’ve made it easier for all of our customers, from SMB and all the way up to global enterprises, to adapt to using our enterprise-ready, off-the-shelf solutions.


As the new wave of open source databases spreads across the tech industry, we took steps to ensure that we were right there with it. With that in mind, we now provide support for PostgreSQL, adding yet another database system which DBmaestro can manage for you.

Databases supported by DBmaestro


As we mentioned above, with the widespread of various types of database systems, including open source ones, support for large enterprises with legacy applications & infrastructure has never been more important. We added DB2 support for giants in the finance, insurance and banking industry who rely deeply on battle proven core legacy system.


Not all our changed were behind the scenes. We also took a good look at what you see when using DBmaestro, and we decided that we needed to change things up. Our new UX/UI makes DBmaestro more accessible and easier to use than ever before. The new, sleek, browser-based platform is optimized for clarity, usability, and it looks pretty good, if we do say so ourselves.

New Partnerships

In 2018 we went all out looking for ways to spread the word about DBMaestro. We believe that everyone should be able to use DBmaestro, as it truly is the best DevOps for database platform today. We work with system integrators such as Zivra, Sandhata and Cognizant to get word about DBmaestro out, as the premier database DevOps platform. We also work with IBM, MicroFocus, CyberArk, Xebialabs, jFrog, Actifio and many others and have created technology partnerships, and we work closely with them to ensure that DBmaestro as an integral part of their solution offerings.


DevOps for Databases is our thing, it’s kinda what we do around here, but it’s also important to remember that there is another step: security. We placed a heavy emphasis on all the elements and aspects of security which need to be taking place, as early as possible, at the very beginning stages of any development process, to help our customers implement full DevSecOps. Doing this is helping our customers deal with security risks, as well as enforce standards on the database release automation process.

2018 was a year packed with innovation and insights, and new developments which we used to make the experience of using DBmaestro even better for you, our end users. Request your demo now, and see what magic we can conjure up in 2019!