In their last webinar, Achieving DevOps For The Database – Speed Without Disruption, Chris Lucca and Brady Byrd briefly discussed the Four Tenets of Database DevOps. The great success of that webinar, and the interest showed by the webinar participants particularly in the Four Tenets resulted in Chris and Brady holding another webinar to expand on the topic.

To put it simply, the Four Tenets of Database DevOps are:

  • Define and enforce the process for making changes
  • Environment configuration management
  • Version everything in source control
  • Establish DB development policies for everyone

Brady and Chris used this webinar to provide examples of what these four tenets mean when applying them to practical matters and what NOT to do (and what is unfortunately all too prevalent). More importantly, they then provided examples of the proper way to deploy database changes.

Four_Tenets_Internal_ImageClick on the image to view the webinar

Chris and Brady then dived deep into each of the four tenets and how they can be applied to database DevOps, sharing anecdotes and real-life examples of companies that had and hadn’t implemented database DevOps, and the results of each of those scenarios.


An entertaining duo, Chris and Brady took this latest installment of the DBmaestro Academy, as well as all of the webinar participants, one step closer into the theory of adapting DevOps for the database, using the DBmaestro DevOps Platform. To watch the full recording of the webinar, click on the image above or here.