On Wednesday, Feb 20th, DBmaestro Co-Founder and CTO Yaniv Yehuda held a webinar on how financial organizations should enforce DevOps organization policies in order to prevent million-dollar downtimes, and how the DBmaestro DevOps Platform can help.


In the webinar, Yaniv discussed the challenges facing the world of database DevOps, including the need for increased frequency of database releases, the challenges DBAs are facing when companies adopt high frequency releases, and the pitfalls that loom around uncontrolled speed. Yaniv discussed how the drive to move faster has intensified the challenges of controlling, tracking, and auditing changes to the application and database, and ended with providing tips and best practices for how organizations could make their databases releases run smoother, faster and with highly reduced risk.

Challenges 2

If you’d like to see the webinar for yourself, click here!