DBmaestro Expands its New Database Automation Platform to Support Microsoft SQL

Survey Reveals that the Database can be a Roadblock for Continuous Integration

BOSTON, MA, May 16, 2018 – DBmaestro, the pioneer and leading database DevOps solution provider announced today that it has expanded its database automation platform to enable CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous development) through version control and release automation for Microsoft SQL. Now DBmaestro’s database automation platform speeds up release delivery, improves productivity, minimizes errors, and increases security for SQL and ORACLE databases.

DBmaestro’s database automation platform is designed to enable database changes to be made quickly, easily and with confidence enabling successful end-to-end CI/CD. Many enterprises worldwide struggle with bringing their databases into their agile work processes. A global DBmaestro survey conducted recently polling close to 250 companies revealed that 48% of respondents experienced a significant database problem (crash, downtime, etc) in the last 3 months, and 47% of the respondents were afraid to push database changes most of the time.

“Many enterprises invest in DevOps tools for app development and testing, only to find that the database is inflexible and holding them back,” said Yaniv Yehuda, CTO at DBmaestro. “DBmaestro is the DevOps platform that provides databases with both agility and security, enabling IT to streamline releases faster and more frequently while managing risk. DBmaestro helps databases keep pace with business change.”

Key platform features include:

  • Role management and access control to enhance security and governance
  • Implementation of customizable organizational policies in the database and full audit trail of all activities
  • Configuration drift detection and prevention
  • Robust enforced check-in/check-out version control system

DBmaestro is holding a joint webinar this month with MSSQLTips, a global hub for SQL Server professionals, entitled SQL Continuous Integration Horror Stories. The webinar will include tips for delivering more consistent and bug-free SQL software deployments, with some lessons learned from real-life database horror stories. The webinar will be held live on May 24, at 7:00 PM UTC | 3:00PM EDT. Click here for more information.

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