DBmaestro DevOps Suite

DBmaestro DevOps Suite helps you:

  • Automate database release process to accelerate overall application release cycle
    • 10X faster time to market of database-driven business application processes
    • Safe database release automation
    • Continuous delivery pipelines
    • Configuration drift management
    • Release automation dashboard & DevOps scorecards
  • Increase productivity by 15% for development and DBA teams
    • Delivery of more database-driven business applications with the same number of developers
    • Significant reduction of time spent writing and revising database scripts
    • Easier management of growing volume and increased frequency of changes
    • Significant reduction in application downtime caused by database-related human errors
  • Gain complete security, policy compliance, and transparent audits of databases
    • Control changes to database objects and help enforce roles, responsibilities, and policies
    • Prevent unauthorized and non-policy changes to your database
    • Produce a deep audit trail that outlines who did what to your database, when they did it, and why it was done
  • Support multi-database enterprise environments
    • Multiple DevOps tool integration
    • Scalability