DBmaestro TeamWork is a DevOps for Database solution that enables Agile Database Development, Continuous Integration and Delivery for the Database. With DBmaestro Teamwork, organizations can facilitate DevOps for Database by enforcing best practices in database version control and impact analysis based deployment automation, thus reducing the deployment timeframe of database project from weeks to days, and freeing up expensive technical resources from mundane and time consuming tasks. DBmaestro Teamwork guarantees integrity, quality, compliance and confidence in the database code.

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Introducing Database Enforced Change Management (DECM) from DBmaestro

DECM’s most important benefits include:

  • Enforce Change Policy & Best Practices
  • Streamline Development Process Management
  • Execute Merge and Deploy Automation
  • Enhance and Reinforce Security
  • Empower Agile Team Collaboration
  • Foster Regulatory Compliance

With the exponential increase in complexity due to the web and e-commerce applications, developers are now expected to do more with less, meet tighter deadlines and provide more frequent updates due to business needs while maintaining code quality and compliance (which are all reasons why SCM was adopted in the first place). To add to this increased complexity, database development processes are every bit as important to successful application deployments today, but they have been neglected by traditional SCM systems – that is until now.

We run a free, open online demo of DBmaestro Teamwork every Thursday. To choose a date click here: http://www2.dbmaestro.com/join-weekly-demo