Database security
& compliance automation.

Automate database security, compliance, and governance. Enforce organizational policies, manage roles and permissions, and fulfill compliance regulations, all while creating a fully detailed audit trail of all activities.

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Fortify and secure your databases

  • Boost security with role-based access and delivery for the databases used in your organization
  • Manage and enforce organizational security policies and ensure that there are no out-of-process changes
  • CyberArk Vault, AWS secret manager, Azure Key Vault Integration
  • SSO, MFA, LDAP and Active Directory integration
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Enforce and manage policies and compliance standards

  • Set and enforce organizational policies and compliance standards for database development across all teams
  • Automatically validate database changes against regulations and policies

Save up to 60 hours a week

"Using DBmaestro, we have been able to effectively meet our goals and are in the process of expanding our abilities beyond the original goals. We went from an average of 4 hours to support a change to around 1 hour. Total is about 30 to 60 hours per week savings."

Tim McKean, Data Architect, Anthem, DBmaestro customers

Tim McKean

Data Architect, Anthem


Complete audit trail for all database changes

  • Always have full visibility of who made changes and what changes were made, where, and why
  • Keep a complete and easily accessible record of all database changes for compliance and audit reports
  • Audit database changes to guarantee compliance with regulations such as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and HIPAA
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DBmaestro's Database DevOps platform

The end-to-end CI/CD for your database

Database release automation

Automate, secure, and govern database releases while accelerating time-to-market and improving quality.


Database source control

Consistently package, verify, and deploy database changes across environments throughout the software delivery pipeline


Database DevOps reports & dashboards

Monitor KPIs and review database DevOps scorecards. Simplify reporting, auditing, and continuous improvement.

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