DBmaestro brings DevOps best practices to the database, delivering a new level of speed, efficiency, security and process integration. With DBmaestro’s solutions, organizations can run database deployments safely and methodically, increasing development team productivity and expediting time-to-market.

The company is trusted by the world’s leading Fortune 100 organizations across a multitude of industries, including the world’s leading financial and insurance institutions.

Founded by Yariv Tabac, CEO, and Yaniv Yehuda, CTO, DBmaestro’s disruptive technology approach for automating CI/CD processes in the database has been groundbreaking in the IT market.

With locations around the world, DBmaestro’s growing team serves clients and partners worldwide.

Why Us

DBmaestro’s DevOps platform paves the way for safe implementation of CI/CD for the database. With automatic drift prevention mechanisms, customizable role management, and a complete audit trail, unplanned database downtime is a thing of the past.

Companies which practice CI/CD or DevOps are able to reach a staggering amount of application code releases, practically reaching the point where on-demand release is not only a distant goal, but a practical reality. By contrast, databases are a significant bottleneck, with releases frequently performed manually or by script. These are fraught with errors and can lead to catastrophic database downtime resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost revenue.

By using DBmaestro’s DevOps platform, with our Zero Disruption philosophy, all organizations, from small companies to Fortune 100 enterprises, are able to bring their databases into their DevOps environments, making them an integral part of their release pipelines. DBmaestro integrates with all popular CI/CD tools, making bringing your databases into your release pipelines is as simple as can possibly be.

Solution Benefits:

              • Support for multi-database enterprise environments
              • Automate database release process to accelerate overall application release cycle
              • 30% increase in development and DBA team productivity
              • 50X faster time to market of database-driven business application processes
              • 75% reduction in errors
              • Complete roles and permissions toolkit
              • Comprehensive governance and auditing suite (GDPR, HIPAA & SOX compliant)

DBmaestro’s zero-friction database platform is unparalleled in the market. The company’s holistic end-to-end approach has birthed a comprehensive, cost-effective enterprise-class database automation solution. Our customers manage their database process with the utmost level of command and control, achieving the level of agility needed to easily and effectively meet their business goals



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