Since the turn of the century, there have been a number of spectacular IT data failures that shook the industry to its core. These breaches range from infiltration by foreign governments to teenagers hacking data systems from suburban garages.


The one thing held in common in all these instances of compromised is that they stem from a vulnerability in the organizations’ database security infrastructure, which was exploited to disastrous effect.

Did You Know About These IT Data Failures?

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What these organizations overlooked was a comprehensive integration of security measures into its development and deployment philosophy, which would have prevented these IT data failures. Security has always and will always be an integral part of the software product life cycle, from the database code through the release of the application.

While there will always be a new threat, there will also always be a new protective counter measure. Truth be told, these data failures were easily preventable and stemmed from carelessness on the part of database administrators and developers.

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