GitLab requires no further introduction, but database delivery automation tools are much less known.  So before touching on the specifics of this potent tech combo, let’s have a quick look at the functionality of the DBmaestro database automation platform.

  • Database release automation
  • Database source control
  • Database compliance automation

DBmaestro is a database release automation solution that can blend the database delivery process seamlessly into your current DevOps ecosystem with minimal fuss, and without complex installation or maintenance. Its handy database pipeline builder allows you to package, verify, and deploy, and gives you the ability to pre-run the next release in a provisional environment to detect errors early.

You get a zero-friction pipeline, which is often not the case with database delivery process. That being said, there is probably no escaping last-minute changes like version re-alignments and hotfixes, actions that often lead to configuration drifts. DBmaestro’s Release Automation Module nullifies these issues by automatically detecting them and alerting you before it becomes an issue.

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Introduction to the demo video

In the “End-to-End CI/CD with GitLab and DBmaestro”  tech demo video, you will get to see DBmaestro’s integration prowess, which allows users to orchestrate things from within GitLab itself. This is an end-to-end solution that helps you automate your database delivery process with zero issues, regardless of the environment (or environments) you are currently implementing.

All of this functionality comes with a user-friendly and initiative dashboard, which gives you a 360 view of your projects. Easily learn about the current status, see when the last change was made to each of them, and get tons of relevant information. This enhanced visibility is not achievable with most third-party tools, not to mention manual processes that are marred with errors as a result.

What Will You Learn From This Video?

Yaniv Yehuda, Co-Founder and CTO of DBmaestro will be showing how GitLab and DBmaestro work together to transform your DevOps pipeline.

  • Automated Delivery Process – Application and Database changes are traditionally siloed, with broken feedback loops and a lack of communication between DBAs and developers. This is in addition to deployment bottlenecks caused by manual processes, which are too slow and error-prone for today’s dynamic CI/CD pipelines.

What You’ll Learn? How database changes can be integrated smoothly and automatically by using GitLab and DBmaestro in tandem.  

  • Empowering Cross-Team Collaboration – The emergence of DevOps made life extremely difficult for DBAs and database teams, as the sheer volume of database delivery tasks that have to be manually handled skyrocketed, making them the weak link in the pipeline. But with DBmaestro automating most ongoing tasks, DBAs can focus on high-value tasks and easily enforce change policy in the database, while version controlling everything.

What You’ll Learn? DBAs can now be real stakeholders in the DevOps pipeline, while actively managing changes and monitoring all changes.  

  • Database Governance – With multiple teams working remotely or from multiple locations DBAs are having a hard time managing roles and permissions. Manual processes are no longer enough. Multiple stakeholders need to access the database simultaneously, something that only a centralized solution like DBmaestro can solve.

What You’ll Learn? DBAs can now easily modify or revoke permissions, while defining exact roles for each stakeholder with out-of-the-box policies. 

The automated creation of a database audit history also allows organizations to be better prepared for compliance checks and inspections. A single source of truth for all users, deployments, and database-related actions are automatically tracked and available on-demand, making it easy for DBAs, executives, and regulatory authorities to stay on top of things.

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Who Should  Watch This Video and Why?

First and foremost, in this quick tech demo, we will show a hands-on approach DBAs and database professionals can use to boost their productivity and take their performance metrics to a whole new level. IT teams and developers can also gain from this on-demand webinar by learning about the benefits of database delivery automation and version control.

What are the overall benefits of having GitLab and DBmaestro running together? First of all database delivery automation brings with it a massive Shift-Left and helps the database to get in line with the speedy application development.  Feedback loops are significantly shortened for better cross-team collaboration and faster delivery, which also means you improve your time-to-market while improving quality. A win-win scenario.

Hit the link below for the “End-to-End CI/CD with GitLab and DBmaestro” tech demo video to learn how you can achieve a repeatable, safe, and sustainable automated database.