On Wednesday DBmaestro held a Q&A webinar on database DevOps, CI/CD, database release automation and the fundamental difference between database DevOps and database administration.


We asked Reddit and our social media followers for questions, and participants sent in questions ahead of time. Some of the questions we were asked include:

  • Is there really a challenge with database DevOps?
  • What’s the difference between DevOps for databases and DBA?
  • How do you track database object changes and perform continuous deployment of database objects?
  • How do you do versioning of a database schema?
  • How does embracing the DevOps Mantra of Automate First affect your daily tasks?


Brady Byrd, our senior solutions architect, and Yaniv Yehuda, Co-Founder and CTO, had an engaging back and forth answering the questions and delving further into the DevOps theories and practices these questions raised. Brady then demonstrated how the issues raised could also be addressed with the DBmaestro DevOps Platform. The webinar capped off with a riveting Q&A with all the webinar participants.

For answers to all these questions, and many more, click here to view the webinar recording!