We are proud to introduce the new roll out for our latest 7.5 version release. The focus of this version is flexibility and compliance with the following three key features:

1. Build Flexibility

We now allow the ability to build from any environment to any environment, as well as, between different pipelines/projects. In addition, customers can build a hot fix (just the delta) from one environment to another.

DBmaestro will find all these inconsistencies between the environments and allow to override it, roll it back, or merge it back to development.

2. Better Tracking with ‘Tags’

We provide better tracking of releases by using ‘Tags’. Tags, offer the ability to track which tickets (i.e. Jira tickets, ServiceNow tickets, TFS work items etc.) were deployed to which environment, which objects were impacted by which package and where that package was moved to. For example, it is much easier to see that package “x” is promoting tickets 1,2 and 3 and objects A-X. This is about providing customers with additional information that they can track by task and by version.

As for compliance, companies need to adhere to regulations such as SOX (specifically article 28 – amending objects). Using ‘Tags’, provides improved support and more information with the knowledge of not just what was deployed, but also the why as well as the details for the affected objects.

3. Project Hierarchy

Project hierarchy becomes relevant when we are dealing with multi-project implementations. We now offer the ability for several pipelines to have relations between themselves. It is now possible to specify whether it’s a development pipeline or a production pipeline.

When it comes to package promotion and transfer between projects, you can move the package, or create a build. DBmaestro can use a promotion or transfer/command in order to move the packages between these projects. At the same time, you can take the drift from production and create a script in the release source. Versions can move from one environment to the other through the development-oriented pipeline, and then graduate to the production-oriented pipeline. In this set up, there can even be multiple development-oriented pipelines all funneling into the production-oriented pipeline. Dimension two provides an additional pipeline where all scope changes can be tested and approved before being mass-released.

Looking Forward

As Takeda Shingen an exceptional military prestige stated, “Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom!”

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By providing our customers with the wisdom for their database release, they can release their database faster with zero disruptions.