DBmaestro’s position as one of the top database release automation platforms on the market is becoming increasingly clear, with positive reviews and high scores across a range of B2B enterprise software directories, the most recent coming from CompareCamp.

The team at CompareCamp provide testing, reviews and detailed assessments of a wide array of corporate software options, helping their readers compare solutions and choose the one that is best for their specific business objectives. The CompareCamp analysis has concluded with high ratings for DBmaestro across all quality score categories, including features, ease of use, customer support, and value for money.

In conjunction with this review, DBmaestro was recognized with two awards from CompareCamp; the Great User Experience Award and the 2019 Rising Star Award. The rising star award is a direct result of DBmaestro’s steadily growing market presence and renowned customers. DBmaestro’s powerful database release automation suite, the wide range of integrations, and the smooth user interface contributed towards the award for Great User Experience.

High Scores in All Categories

As part of their review process, CompareCamp allocates quality scores-out-of-ten across a range of categories. These include Features, Ease of Use, Customer Support, and Value for Money. DBmaestro attained high scores in each category, positioning us as one of the highest-reviewed database release automation platforms on the site.


CompareCamp.com’s review reserved particular praise for DBmaestro’s user-friendliness and ability to accelerate database releases smoothly and without errors, DBmaestro’s role & permissions suite and the Business Activity Monitoring capabilities.