Describe DBmaestro

Yariv: DBmaestro is a DevOps platform for supporting and automating CI/CD processes. DBmaestro works on all of the most popular databases, and on all platforms. DBmaestro is there to help organizations work faster with full and completely safety and security.

Yaniv: DevOps for Databases – using DBmaestro, companies can modernize their DevOps processes for Day-2 resources, such as the database. Thus helping create an efficient, safe & secure DevOps foundation for the database world.

What customers does DBmaestro serve?

Yariv: Simply put, everyone. Pretty much any organization which does database development. Any organization looking to automate their databases and adopt a complete DevOps initiative. Smaller companies, ISV’s with 50 developers or more, all the way up to global-spanning enterprises and conglomerates. Of particular interest are Financial organizations, which will look for compliance with laws and regulations such as SOX, healthcare and insurance organizations bound by HIPAA, and any organization which must comply with GDPR.

Yaniv: We can serve companies from all areas and scales: Global enterprise-size companies and the wide-range of SME’s dotting the business landscape. DBmaestro also serves fast-rising businesses, the latest breed of companies to completely embrace the concepts of CI/CD & DevOps, and which use open-source databases such as My-SQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB.

Who is most in need of DBmaestro’s services?

Yariv: Anyone looking for a scalable solution for their database automation needs.

Yaniv: Any company that is looking to streamline their DevOps processes, stepping away from their repetitive manual release procedures and moving over to safer automated solutions.

What sets DBmaestro apart from the competition?

Yariv: DBmaestro has a philosophy of Zero Disruption – we know how important it is to bring the database into the world of DevOps, and so we’ve created the ability for organizations to use DBmaestro in sync with their existing CI/CD tools and infrastructure, so as to create a smooth integration of the database into DevOps.

Yaniv: Following up on what Yariv said, we’ve placed heavy emphasis on DBmaestro’s integrations – we can successfully and smoothly integrate with all of the common and popular CI/CD tools currently being used in the marketplace – Jenkins, UrbanCode, git, Azure DevOps, JIRA, ServiceNow, Bitbucket, and numerous others.

DBmaestro made some pretty interesting moves in 2019, can you tell us a bit about those moves?

Yaniv: We’ve added a massive array of plugins which our customers now use to accelerate the onboarding process. We’ve managed to greatly shorten onboarding time for our new customers, allowing them to incorporate DevOps for databases that much quicker. We’ve also created a wide range of implementation cookbooks for quick ROI for our customers.

Yariv: We’ve added support for popular databases such as IBM’s DB2, and the extrenely popular open-source databases PostgreSQL and MySQL. In addition, we added a new user interface, as well as plug-and-play installation for swift onboarding.

What is the culture at DBmaestro like?

Yaniv: A top goal of the team at DBmaestro is striving to add value to our customers

Yariv: Innovation and passion – lots of joy and creativity

What’s the biggest misconception people have about Database DevOps?

Yaniv: The DBmaestro DevOps Platform isn’t a database solution, it’s a DevOps solution

Yariv: I agree with Yaniv. Databases are ignored, but are in fact the most critical part of any organization.

If you weren’t at DBmaestro, what would you be doing?

Yaniv: Riding my bike in the Italian Alps

Yariv: I’d be looking for a solution like DBmaestro

Where do you see DevOps in 2020?

Yaniv: Organizations which started their DevOps journeys in 2018-19 will go broader and deeper, expanding from the basic projects they started on until DevOps has become an organization-wide standard (the Day 2 Challenge)

Yariv: DevOps will take its rightful place as the next level beyond CI/CD. More organizations will adopt DevOps and will have to simplify themselves in order to become more effective and to keep up with the competition

What does DBmaestro have planned for 2020?

Yaniv: We’ve got some big moves coming, watch this space!

Yariv: Good things are coming, as we look to take DBmaestro and Database DevOps to the next level. Stay tuned for more!