The database administrator (DBA) is responsible for all activities related to the maintenance of a database environment.

The DBA designs, implements and maintains every element of a database system. It is shocking that often times, during DevOps implementation, database integration is the last component to be be implemented. But recently, with the growth of DevOps for database, the DevOps DBA has taken center stage in the implementation of DevOps.

The Job Description Of A DevOps DBA

The DBA profession is a very busy one. Working in a cross-functional setting interferes with an already busy schedule. A DevOps DBA, consequently, has two roles: a front-end DBA who handles overall database architecture, and a back-end DBA who handles day-to-day issues and deployment optimization. database-devops

Due to the nature of DevOps, where the development and operations teams are working together, integrating the database is not only the responsibility of the DBA. The data architect provides analytics to the CMO, creating blueprints for data management systems. The architect works hand-in-hand with the DBA to create and maintain a healthy and functional system.

Where Does the DevOps DBA Fit In?

However, this can lead to problems during a turnover to DevOps, as developers lack the experience to perform the job of a DBA adequately.

With this in mind I was thrilled to see a recent article in TechTarget by Wayne Kernochan advocating for the DevOps DBA.

Where Does the DevOps DBA Fit In

On the other hand, the job of the DBA is one that seemingly doesn’t fit on a DevOps team. It’s a specialist function, after all, and DevOps only thrives when members of a team can act in many disciplines and perform many different duties.

That’s why an advanced DevOps for database tool simplifies the day-to-day responsibilities of DBAs with complete Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) capabilities – from streamlining your workflow to providing automated change history tracking, database release automation, and automated merge-and-build, all with a single source of truth you can trust.