The Opportunity of Database DevOps

Many financial institutions are on par with general trends in the adoption of CI/CD practices, but only one in three has implemented database release automation. This is a huge missed opportunity because database DevOps addresses important issues faced by financial institutions, including the need for rapid time-to-market, error reduction, minimal downtime, and regulatory compliance.

The Risk of Ignoring Database Release Automation

Consumers are accustomed to the speed and efficiency of digital platform usage to manage and monitor their finances, and competitive financial institutions are responding to this demand by developing additional services. In turn, this requires frequent releases that present a risk if not handled correctly. Database release automation can reduce the impact of such errors, but many financial institutions are skeptical of it as they perceive it as a risk in itself.

But the alternative is far worse. Without database DevOps, financial institutions cannot adapt as fast as the competition, or must do so without a safety net, as development errors can easily cause the malfunction of critical applications and unplanned downtime. According to an IDC report, this costs Fortune 1000 companies between $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion every year, with an average cost of $100,000 for every hour of downtime. The danger is even greater when considering the threat of cyber attacks and the liability from tough compliance regulations.

A DevOps Solution for Financial Institution Databases

DevOps solutions provide the tools and capabilities that financial institutions require to enable true CI/CD for the database. Adopting database release automation is no longer a choice, but instead is a necessity for financial institutions that wish to keep pace with consumer demand for technology innovation while improving both agility and efficiency.

DBmaestro’s database release automation enables modeling of the release process and a path to production while preventing erroneous code from reaching the database and identifying conflicts that might prevent a successful deployment. In addition, database release automation provides full visibility and insight into database release pipelines, from development to production.

DBmaestro’s DevOps platform supports seamless integration with all sources of database changes, including scripts created by developers and third-party tools. It also delivers the first-of-its-kind visual database pipeline builder to package, verify, deploy, and promote database changes securely while recognizing and preventing configuration drift and non-policy changes.

With simple, straightforward implementation and fast on-boarding, DBmaestro’s database release automation enables financial institutions to significantly accelerate the number of applications released each month for Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases while achieving optimal time to market.

Through DBmaestro’s database release automation, financial institutions can:

  • Model and visualize database release pipelines to ensure release success
  • Minimize risk of database deployments
  • Enforce company policies and standards
    Keep track of auditing and compliance
  • Implement with zero friction – from development to release


Financial institutions are embracing DevOps approaches and best practices more quickly than other industries due to fierce competition. DBmaestro is committed to enabling them to automate without sacrificing quality and security in order to keep pace with the rapid rate of technological innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about database release automation in the finance sector, download our eBook.