Complete Remote Database CI/CD

DBmaestro as a Service - Cloud Database DevOps

The world is adjusting to the paradigm shift brought on by COVID-19. Organizations have shifted to work from home, an uneasy transition at the best of times, doubly so while maintaining your database development and release pipelines.

DBmaestro at Your Service

DBmaestro’s Database DevOps Platform automates the CI/CD pipelines with secured, governed, enforced processes and zero disruptions.

We invite you to experience all of these on our cloud platform by signing up for DBmaestro as a Service. Complete your existing CI/CD stacks and have total coverage over your most sensitive assets – your DATA.

Get Started Right Away!

Once you fill out the form, a DBmaestro representative will reach out within 24 hours and start the setup process.

Don’t Neglect Your Databases

DBmaestro provides a complete and comprehensive database release pipeline toolkit, to ensure your databases are an integral part of your release pipelines:

  • Full database release automation
  • A comprehensive roles & permissions toolkit
  • A robust auditing and governance suite

DBmaestro as a Service provides you all of the benefits of the DBmaestro DevOps Platform from a cloud platform. Sign up now and receive up to three (3) FREE database release pipelines

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