Database Release & Database Automation


Safe, Fast, Stable, Scalable and Secure Database Automation

While agility, release automation and continuous delivery are proving to be a significant boost for productivity, risk mitigation, quality enhancing or meeting today’s ever shortening time to market – dealing with the database can be a real challenge.

DBmaestro DevOp’s Platform supports database release and database automation functionality that integrates with all sources of database changes, while predicting the success of database deployments and alerting for configuration drift or non-policy actions.

A visual database pipeline builder allows you to package, verify, deploy, and promote database changes just as you would do with application code, putting you in a position to build and visualize a full delivery pipeline.

  • Release Fast – no more time consuming manual work, waiting for others and missing your deadlines
  • Enable self-service while breaking down silos between development and operations, enabling automation and continuous delivery for the database
  • Avoid human errors that can lead to devastating crashes and cost your company thousands – even hundreds of thousands of dollars to rectify, automating validity checks as part of your automated release pipeline
  • Prevent accidental override of changes or critical fixes, and receive notification for database drifts, making sure you can reach your goals or stop your release process if required to do so
  • Be secure – make sure non-policy actions are reported or blocked
  • Be Productive and use proven automation and DevOps solutions for your pipelines (Jenkins, Bamboo, Automic, IBM UrbanCode, CA Release Automation and others)

Enhanced interoperability empowers you to turn any existing change process into a stable, predictable and reliable database release automation process. Any update package or database update script can be managed through DBmaestro’s release management software and automation solution. Regardless of whether that package or script was created by your developers, by DBmaestro, a modeling tool or a third party solution, the end result is the same – enabling you to identify and avoid risk using smart validators and drift detectors before and after deployments.

DBmaestro’s database automation and release capabilities provide support for smart deployments between different environments, labels and user stories, as well as support for rollbacks in case of need, while keeping a perfect Audit trail.

Make sure your database is DevOps-ready and can reap the benefits of agile automation and continuous delivery and integration processes.

Database Release Automation Management

Being Agile, working in parallel and automating to accelerate your delivery means that you need to distribute work between different teams and team members. If database code creation, or code verification and review is waiting for the DBA team – the DBA team quickly becomes your bottle neck, and the whole process slows down again.

In order to speed things up, and keep them accelerating, you need to make sure you can efficiently and safely deal with changes that are being pushed forward, making sure they fit your policy and rules. If a someone has mistakenly dropped an index, or even a table, you don’t want that code to have to be singled out manually, and you can’t risk it being overlooked and pushed all the way to production.

DBmaestro’s Policy Engine will make sure everything is in check, and according to your practice. If an index needs to be rebuilt, that may be perfectly fine in your QA environment, or even pre-production, but not on production, and absolutely not run mid-day, or maybe even weekday.

Easily create policy rules, and don’t worry about them ever again. All release processes will have to comply to set policies, issuing warnings or stopping release process all together if required.

Enabling Safe Migration to Production & Reining In Configuration Drift

In the modern, complex development climate, it’s increasingly common for several teams to be working on code simultaneously, introducing several challenges in the deployment phase which can have devastating consequences without substantial (and time-consuming) oversight.

Yet, as the demand for leaner, more agile development grows, Oracle and SQL database developers struggle to keep pace with the continuous delivery processes that work so efficiently for application code. The database often gets left behind, becoming the weakest link, when it should be the strongest link.

DBmaestro DevOps Platform is the solution for enabling true database release automation by providing a safety net to eliminate the possibility of overriding critical changes that exist in the target environment but are not reflected in the source, solving the shortcomings of standard compare-and-sync tools with Baseline Aware Analysis, a three-way analysis that allows you to focus on impact analysis, rather than damage control, by fully automating the release process.

Continuous Delivery for the Database Enables Database Release Automation

By breaking down the silos that exist between development and operations and introducing a safety net that ensures the safe deployment of database changes, DBmaestro DevOps Platform is an effective solution for bringing database development into the modern, automated climate necessary for meeting consumer demands.

No longer is it necessary to interject automated processes with a time-consuming manual analysis and builds. Under ordinary circumstances, it’s difficult to track who is making changes to the database. This makes it harder to create reliable releases, and you can spend hours just constructing release code.

DBmaestro DevOps Platform automatically generates a deployment script containing structure changes and meta-data changes for new applications or upgrades to existing applications, which saves you hours of valuable development time you’d otherwise spend manually generating deployment scripts. A fail-proof safety net automatically detects configuration drift, determining which code is safe to deploy, automatically protecting the target environment when necessary, and identifying when changes must be merged (and when human intervention may be needed) to ensure safe and speedy deployment.

DBmaestro DevOps Platform uses a functionality called Baseline-Aware Analysis, allowing it to not only identify conflicts, but understand the nature of the conflicts and raise a red flag to “stop the line” when manual intervention is needed, automating everything else. This enables users to completely avoid human errors that can lead to serious crashes, providing tremendous cost savings and unprecedented levels of efficiency for your organization.