Database Security and Compliance

Policy enforced, Secure, Auditing for your Database

Security and regulatory compliance are increasing concerns for companies in today’s complex business climate and unauthorized database changes can spell disaster. DBmaestro Security and Compliance controls changes to database objects and helps enforce roles, responsibilities and policies.

DBmaestro’s Security and Compliance prevents unauthorized and non-Policy changes to your database and produces a deep audit trail that outlines who did what to your database, when they did it and why it was done. Whether structure changes, code, or even relevant lookup content, you can now enables granting appropriate access permissions to each organizational role using existing database access credentials, while making sure non-policy actions are reported or blocked. Make sure your database is DevOps ready!

With DBmaestro Security and Compliance you gain enhanced database security and regulatory compliance:

  • Define and enforce database change policies through the assignment of roles and responsibilities and Segregation of duties (SoD)
  • Prevent unauthorized and undocumented changes to the database, with the ability to define access levels down to the individual object and data level
  • Block or warn about non-policy actions that are run against your database
  • Get a complete, reliable audit trail while minimizing manual documentation requirements for your development team
  • Prevent team members from straying from the defined, efficient process, ensuring smooth development and deployment

Define Roles and Responsibilities to Prevent Unauthorized Database Changes

DBmaestro TeamWork allows you to easily define database change policies through roles and responsibilities, fully preventing unauthorized and undocumented database changes. By setting access levels down to individual objects and data, you gain complete control over which team members are able to make changes to specific objects and data within your database.

In other words, if a developer does not have the authority to access an object, the check-out action is not available for that object. Checking an object “out” is necessary before making any changes; therefore, unauthorized changes are prevented entirely. By fully controlling and monitors who does what, where they did it, when it was done, and why through roles and responsibilities defined by you, you gain unprecedented control and precise documentation.

Enhancing and Reinforcing Security

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Complete, Reliable Audit Trails

DBmaestro TeamWork provides a complete and reliable business-oriented audit trail for managed database object definitions, in addition to the ability to manage static content. When authorized team members check out and make changes to database objects or data, the check-in process documents who made changes, when the changes were made and from where, and requires the developer to enter additional notes documenting the reason for the change.

This streamlined process ensures and enforces compliance through all stages of the development process, from development through testing to production. Documentation now becomes automatic, ensuring a complete and perfect record of all changes made and by who for highly efficient auditing and compliance reporting.

Not only does DBmaestro TeamWork’s enhanced security and regulatory compliance features prevent unauthorized team members from making changes to your database, but it prevents legitimate employees from straying from the well-defined process. No other solution offers such a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for ensuring compliance and producing a flawless audit trail.

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