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Database DevOps observability empowers you to see everything happening within your database deployments. This translates to faster troubleshooting, improved efficiency, and heightened compliance.

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Our DevOps Observability suite offers three key categories:

  • Database Release Cockpit View
  • Team Productivity View
  • Release Health Monitoring Center
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Database Release Cockpit View

  • DevOps Performance Dashboard (DORA™-driven): Monitor key metrics like deployment lead time and change failure rate, aligned with DevOps best practices.
  • Compliance Dashboard: Ensure regulatory adherence with real-time insights into database configurations and access controls.

Team Productivity View

  • Team Productivity Dashboard: Track team efficiency by visualizing code contribution, efficiency, and rollback rates.
  • Project Todo Dashboard: Maintain project clarity with a centralized view of outstanding tasks and upcoming deployments.

Lower risk, higher efficiency

“We saw what was out there, and DBmaestro was the clear winner! This is the best database DevOps tool we’ve ever seen, from source control to release management."

Önder Altınkurt Data Engineering Chapter Lead at ING | Vice President| DBmaestro customers

Önder Altınkurt

Data Engineering Chapter Lead at ING Turkey

Release Health Monitoring Center

  • Anomalies/Health Dashboard: Proactively identify and address database anomalies before they impact production.
  • Alerts Dashboard: Receive real-time notifications for critical events and potential issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Supercharged strategic planning
  • Holistic view of release automation performance
  • Enhanced troubleshooting efficiency
  • Enhanced team productivity
  • Streamlined compliance management
  • Faster identification and resolution of database anomalies
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DBmaestro's Database DevOps platform

The end-to-end CI/CD for your database

Database source control

Manage all changes made to database code, structure, or content across all teams. Maintain a single source of truth for all database changes.


Database compliance automation

Enforce organizational policy, manage roles and permissions while automatically documenting all changes made to your database code


Database DevOps reports & dashboards

Monitor KPIs and review database DevOps scorecards. Simplify reporting, auditing, and continuous improvement.

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