Enforced Database Source Control

DBmaestro TeamWork ™ is a leading database configuration and change management platform, enabling software developers and DBA’s to add real Source Control Management functionality to their database world.

The unique Database Source Control offered by DBmaestro is the only solution offered in a complete DCM solution covering the database from the development through to the deployment.

Designed to interface with leading SCM software packages, TeamWork™ enables a complete and safe collaborative development process. TeamWork is the only available solution that:

Offers robust Check-In/Check-Out policy enforced mechanisms – at the database level. This enables true development team synchronization across dispersed development teams.
Enables Database Source Control on objects AND data. By utilizing version Control, development teams are able to perform comprehensive roll back and keep track on object versions and revisions.
Advanced Usability

Allows developers to stay with their own familiar development environments – provides working interfaces for multiple IDEs and development tools.
TeamWork provides developers with the capability to focus their tracking scope – by allowing them to concentrate and interact with a subset of objects required for each specific project, utilizing a modular point of view.
History Tracking

TeamWork enables consolidation of development information and change history from several development branches or servers, and achieve one point of control.

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