Webinar: Integrated Application and Database Releases – with RapidDeploy and DBmaestro

Most organisations are looking at ways to accelerate their release processes to enable the business to compete more effectively. This generally takes the form of automating individual units of work, such as application deployments or database updates; co-ordinating or orchestrating these units of works together into releases; and promoting the releases between environments on a journey towards Continuous Delivery. Database updates are often the last area to be considered – but without this critical part of the jigsaw you are not able to fully automate the release process.

This webinar is intended to provide an overview of how organisations are moving their application and database updates towards a Continuous Delivery model – with an example and product demonstration of a composite application and database update, deployed as a single unit of work, through multiple environments on the path to production.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Automation for Applications and Databases
  • The importance of Orchestration
  • Removing bottlenecks and moving to Continuous Delivery
  • Q&A

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