Checkout DBmaestro What Every Enterprise Needs For Database Devops

Source code change management is not a new concept and has been there from ages, however one thing that enterprises always overlook is the same integrated change management applied to database objects and scripts.

Have you ever come across a situation where the production database is changed by an unknown person and changes either broke the system or never made it to rest of the environments? Ya i know it sounds familiar. DBmaestro Teamwork is one of its kind to address this issue with powerful features.

Wasn’t convinced at first and was ignoring it to be something similar to rest of configuration management products but after speaking to the DBmaestro team and having a look at their demo, convinced that every organization needs one of this product. In a nutshell DBmaestro Teamwork enables Collaboration, reduce operation risk, enhance security at every ALM stage and enables compliance with reliable auditing and reports.

What can DBmaestro Teamwork Really Do?

The product comes with strong features to induce agility into database development and enforce a development process with complete change management including check-in/check-out, baselines, labels and gold builds of not just the database scripts and code but also database structure and content. It comes with database object dependency management while changes are done to database objects.

Change authorization management including command line APIs to integrate with your company specific automation process, enforcement of change policy including version repositories, comparisons, rollback to desired version in repository, automated analysis and impact assessment and other great features.

The value add to enterprises really kicks in when key features like transitioning a tested build from pre-production to production environments, a baseline aware deployment and comparison, rollbacks to operation states, roles and access controls management, management reports and alerts along with integration to enterprise active directory are explored.

For instance DBmaestro actually checks the state of trio of source, target and baseline of source and allows us to take an action logical enough to have a stable database environment.

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