DBmaestro Announces Availability of TeamWork Version 2.7

DBmaestro Announces Availability of TeamWork, an Oracle Database Version Control Solution, Version 2.7

Customer Collaboration Drives New Features

TEL AVIV – June 21, 2010 — DBmaestro Ltd. today announced the general availability of TeamWork Version 2.7. The focus of this release has been collaboration with customers and the resulting delivery of features to meet their needs. “This has been a very rewarding experience for the DBmaestro TeamWork development team.” Said Yaniv Yehuda, CTO and Co-Founder of DBmaestro. “The opportunity to work closely with our customers and deliver features that will quickly deliver substantial value is a process that we are strongly committed to. It also gives us greater visibility into exactly how our customers are using TeamWork in their day-to-day activities.”

A key new feature is the ability to “freeze” a schema when getting ready to deploy, so that no check-outs will be allowed, but check-ins will be allowed. Once everything is checked-in, you can save a schema-version that has all the changes wanted as a baseline version, at which point the DBmaestro Deployment Manager can be used to deploy this version in its entirety to QA for testing. You can then “unfreeze” the development environment to allow everyone to continue their work.

Two other features in this release are a new Compare & Merge user interface and multi-schema login support. The new Compare & Merge user interface enables developers and DBAs to analyze coding changes with great ease, and have all of the required information – source code, destination and baseline, available at a glance. The new merge engine is capable of performing auto merges, and handles complex conflicts with unparalleled results – instead of typing and copy-pasting, you simply click “resolve conflict.” The new multi-schema login support enables users to login to several schemas at the same time, and quickly browse through them when working on large multi-schema projects, or when deploying changes between managed environments.

Additional features are:

Extending the tables content managing. Before this version, only content of tables with a primary key could be managed. With this new release, tables content with unique indexes or unique constraints and without a primary key can also been managed.

Visual Studio 2010 add-in.

Other improvements include extended linkage to SCMs – now enabling linkage of schema versions to SCM labels, and allowing change-sets to be re-linked or altered, by privileged users.

DBmaestro is an experienced enterprise software development company that focuses on database development technologies. Its flagship product, DBmeastro TeamWork, brings true database change management and database version control to the SCM world.


If you would like additional information on the TeamWork integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, or to schedule an interview with Yariv Tabac, please call Gary Leibowitz at +1 (818) 276-8877 or email him at gary.leibowitz@go-esi.com

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