DBmaestro Expands its New Database DevOps Platform to Support DB2

Provides “zero friction“ to manage multi-vendor environments with DB2, SQL, and ORACLE

BOSTON, MA, June 13, 2018 – DBmaestro, the pioneer and leading database DevOps solution provider announced today that it has expanded its database automation platform to enable CI/CD and release automation for IBM DB2. Due to DB2’s industry leading performance, scale, and reliability, it is a preferred database for stock markets, investment banks, insurance firms, and pension funds worldwide.

DBmaestro’s Database DevOps Platform speeds up release delivery, improves productivity, minimizes errors, and increases security for MS-SQL, ORACLE and now, DB2. The DBmaestro platform is fully operational on both DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW.

DBmaestro is fulfilling the vision of becoming the go-to database DevOps provider, with solutions suited to multiple databases. Providing an overarching solution for CI/CD adoption across platforms and operating systems, DBmaestro meets the evolving needs of enterprises across industries and borders.

DBmaestro’s zero-friction solution provides the ability for system administrators to manage multiple databases more easily without having to change existing processes. The diverse platform includes a Security & Governance Module that protects the integrity of the database and prevents data loss, which is critical for financial instutions. By tracking database changes across all environments, DBmaestro facilitates seamless deployments while enabling organizations to build and ship better products faster supporting increasingly shorter product release cycles.

“Our banking and insurance customers require the ability to perform robust and flexible database activity that can be managed with a high level of confidence, minimal risk and maximized efficiency,” said Yaniv Yehuda, CTO at DBmaestro. “DBmaestro is the DevOps platform that provides databases with both agility and security, enabling financial business to keep pace with business change while complying with regulations and protecting their customer’s personal data.”

Key platform features include:

  • Release automation capabilities for automatically deploying versions through all environments
  • Role management, access control and customizable organizational policies to enhance security and governance
  • Business Activity Monitor to meet KPIs and measure success
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity via APIs and adaptors for tools in the DevOps ecosystem (such as Jenkins, JIRA, CyberArk and more)
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