DBMaestro is proud to announce the release of its flagship product TeamWork™ v. 3.5

DBMaestro is proud to announce the release of its flagship product TeamWork™ v3.5

Tel Aviv, Israel – July 15, 2012

We are proud to announce that the latest version of DBMaestro Teamwork™, the leading end-to-end  DCM Solution (Database Change Management Solution) for Oracle is GA and can be downloaded here.

This new release exposes many new cool features, such as:

  • TeamWork™ allows tagging a schema’s version using a label or a snapshot. The labels can be edited (change objects’ revisions), while snapshots cannot be edited.
  • TeamWork™ manages changes in objects’ permissions and generates the relevant grant / revoke statement in the deployment script.
  • Supports Agile automation by enhancing the command line API with many more commands (Add Schema, Remove Schema, Label Schema, Add object to SC, etc…).
  • Add silent install for client installations and upgrades.
  • Supports managing changes and deploying changes of Nested Tables.
  • Adds saving common deploy profiles and sharing them between the team.
  • Adds new report to search object status in several schemas.
  • Allows search for history of objects by text in the comment.
  • Changes the reports to use logical schema name.

Additional fixes in the new version include:

  • Performance improvement with many managed schemas.
  • Integration with RTC.
  • Known Issue: Add-In will not start when using ODAC 10g on 64bit. Click to see the solution.
  • Known Issue: Special characters in Table name
  • Known Issue: Reassign schema to a different CM (Change Management) Project will break the Deployment Management from using the previous changesets.

TeamWork™ is the only solution available that enables you to:

  • Control– Finally Control Your Database Development
  • Deploy – Decrease Your Deployment Costs by 95%
  • Protect – Enhance your Database Security
  • Comply– Ensure Compliance to Regulatory Bodies (PCI, SOX, HIPAA, BASEL II)


About DBMaestro Ltd.

DBMaestro Ltd. is an established Enterprise Software Development Company focusing on database development technologies. Its flagship product  DBMaestro TeamWork™, eliminates the number of potential risks threatening database development and deployment by 60% and reduces deployment costs by 95%.


Brenda Zeitlin: brendaz@dbmaestro.com

TeamWork™ is a trademark of DBMaestro Ltd.

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