DBMaestro launches certified integration with Rational Clear Quest

TeamWork™, a Database Configuration Management System and IBM Rational™ ClearQuest™ Integration -Reduce the Risks of Database Change and Configuration while Improving Productivity

Management Summary

IBM Rational is an industry leader in the source control management (SCM) space. Now with certified integration with Rational ClearQuest, DBMaestro’s TeamWork adds database change and configuration management providing a more complete solution for software project development and deployment. Rational ClearQuest customers now have the ability to track database modifications in tandem with application source code changes resulting in entire projects being deployed in a process-controlled, audited and compliant fashion.

Product Overviews

DBMaestro TeamWork™

TeamWork is a database development management solution that provides developers and DBAs a traditional source control management (SCM) model for database development. TeamWork extends the check-in/check-out metaphor to database objects. Under TeamWork control, database schemas object and relevant data are locked (in read-only mode), until a developer actually checks-out an object and then makes a change to it. The developer can then check-in the new object which is then locked again.

Certified Integration with IBM Rational™ ClearQuest™

TeamWork™ provides a certified integration with IBM Rational ClearQuest. This integration provides the following features and benefits:


  • Correlate Rational ClearQuest projects with TeamWork projects
  • Link database changes/updates (TeamWork check-ins) with Rational ClearQuest activities
  • Save extended information about database activities within Rational ClearQuest
  • Deploy database modifications in tandem with Rational ClearQuest activities


  1. Single point of management (and audit) for application source and database changes
  2. Aggregated information about code and database changes within Rational ClearQuest
  3. Single vocabulary to drill down into project tasks and impact analysis (what was changed when feature X was developed or bug Y fixed – from code and database perspectives)
  4. Single process to achieve code and database deployment based on Rational ClearQuest definitions (activities and work items)


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