DBMaestro received additional grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist in the amount of 720 K NIS

This grant is an extension to the previous grant in the amount of 600k NIS, granted to DBMaestro earlier this year. The money will be invested in continuation of the development efforts of TeamWork.

TeamWork is a collaboration product, part of the DBMaestro product suit.

DBMaestro is based on a sophisticated engine that helps managing the development efforts and enable a true collaboration between development teams. It helps diagnose objects at the data base structure and data itself that store in the database.

The Israeli Chief Scientist office’s main objective is to help and promote R&D initiatives of high risk technological projects, by sharing the risk along side with the companies that develop the technology.

Yariv Tabac, Co – CEO mention that “we thank the chief Scientist for its support, and for his vote of confidence in us and our technology. From his first grant up until now we have proven ourselves with hundreds of satisfied customers internationally. In the last few months we started a worldwide marketing campaign, in order to dramatically increase our global sales”

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