DBmaestro Sees Database Continuous Delivery Growth in Healthcare and Financial Sector.

DBmaestro (www.DBmaestro.com), the pioneer and leading provider of Automation and DevOps for Database solutions announced that first-half sales showed an increase in demand for Continuous Delivery in the database in both the financial and healthcare sectors.

DBmaestro is at the forefront of bringing continuous delivery to the database with its leading Database Enforced Change Management solution which enables Database Development, Continuous Integration and Delivery for the Database. DBmaestro allows enterprises to achieve better time-to-market and agility with database deployment as well as reduce operational risks by providing safe deployment automation, alerting in case of automation conflicts and fostering regulatory compliance.

“We are seeing increased awareness and demand for Database Continuous Delivery across the board but it is particularly marked in the healthcare and financial sector,” Said Yariv Tabac, CEO of DBmaestro. “This comes as no real shock as the finance and healthcare world have always been early technology adopter – being in a business environment where the cost of errors are simply too high and the database too critical to the organization. They would rather invest the time and money in the latest cutting edge technology to protect their sensitive systems than deal with potentially disastrous errors later. It is for this reason that there is such a strong demand for DBmaestro’s solution in those sectors.

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About DBmaestro

DBmaestro is the pioneer and leading provider of Automation and DevOps for Database solutions. Its flagship product, DBmaestro TeamWork, is the leading Database Enforced Change Management (DECM) solution. It empowers team collaboration through enforcing change policy by controlling who can change what in the database. DBmaestro TeamWork enables continuous development, continuous release and continuous delivery processes. It has been shown to reduce the number of potential risks threatening database development and deployment by 60% and reduce deployment costs by 95%.

DBmaestro’s solutions are deployed at major international companies including VISA, MasterCard, Frost Bank, Thomson Holidays, Bank Leumi and others.

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