Extreme Technologies’ DBmaestro Selected by Oracle and the Chief Scientist for their Joint Excellence Program

Extreme Technologies’ DBmaestro (Oracle Database Version Control Software) Selected by Oracle and the Chief Scientist for their Joint Excellence Program

DBmaestro, of the Extreme Technologies group, is now part of the Joint Oracle and Chief Scientist Excellence Program, which will enable the company to continue developing their DBmaestro solution for the Oracle environment. The program will also support the joint marketing efforts of the companies, including penetration to international markets.

The agreement between the companies is for 12 months. DBmaestro will receive NIS 250,000 from the Chief Scientist, and an equivalent amount from Oracle in services, licenses, and support for its development and marketing efforts.

The main objectives of Oracle’s Excellence Center are to help companies in innovative projects that provide added value to Oracle solutions. The center assists these companies in the optimization of their plans for future growth, helping them understand growth engines, and facilitating their decision?making processes.

Extreme Technologies’ DBmaestro product Platform provides unique solutions for change and development management in the enterprise’s database environment. The solution has been implemented successfully in many organizations in Israel and around the world, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Leumi, El Al, Career Harmony, Safeco Insurance, 012 Golden Lines, the Israel Police, Midot, and more.

Yariv Tabac, Co-CEO of Extreme Technologies said: “The cooperation with Oracle began about two years ago. Since then we have seen a substantial change in the recognition of the need to develop a solution for software change management in database environments, both in Israel and worldwide. We are happy the Chief Scientist and Oracle have acknowledged the true need for the DBmaestro solution. In the framework of the cooperation, we will benefit from substantial support in our marketing and sales efforts and, obviously, from technological assistance throughout all stages of our development.”

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