New Survey Shows Rise in Continuous Delivery for the Application while Databases Continuous Delivery Lags Behind

Survey reveals 55% of respondents are implementing Continuous delivery for their application, of those, only 49% percent include the Database in the Continuous Delivery procedure.

DBmaestro , the pioneer and leading provider of DevOps for Database solutions announced today the results of a survey of over 200 developers, DBAs, IT Ops mangers and other industry professionals. The survey showed a majority of respondents are implementing continuous delivery in the application but of those, only half include the database in the procedure. This is despite the survey showing that 81% believe it is possible to practice continuous delivery for the database.

When asked what was the biggest barrier to adopting continuous delivery for the Database, 36% said mistrust in automation for the database, 18% said it was a lack of awareness, 17% said it was an inability to change organizational culture and another 22% blamed it on either budget constraints or opposition from management or the development team. The survey also revealed that the respondents considered the adoption of continuous delivery to be a cross-organizational effort to be embraced by all parts of the organization, 46% said DBAs should be responsible for adoption while a similar 40% said it is the responsibility of management. This flies in the face of a commonly held belief that either the developer or top executives alone are responsible for adopting new development methods.

Continuous delivery is a concept in software and database development of a well-defined process and automation. Through automation, you can dynamically perform the same task over and over again, without human shortcuts or errors while ensuring you get the desired results every time. Automation allows you to break down the hard parts of a task into smaller, easier parts. It also saves you time, because your team members will be free to work on other tasks.

“The results of the survey are very revealing,” said Yariv Tabac, CEO of DBmaestro. “On the one hand we see how continuous delivery has become almost the norm in the past few years with a majority implementing it for their code, on the other hand, we see that despite the vast majority of industry professionals believing the database can be included in their continuous delivery process, many do not. The main reasons for this is a lack of trust and awareness that database development can be automated. At DBmaestro, we are dedicated to showing enterprises that the same benefits that continuous delivery brings to their applications can be applied to their database.

The online survey included over 200 participants from around the world. The respondents included DBAs (26%), developers (24%), directors (16%), IT Ops (12%) and others. They came from diverse sectors including financial (49%), government (21%), retail (20%) and other industries.

Other key finding:
Compelling reason to adopt continuous delivery for the database included:
Increase productivity 28%, quicker time to market 24%, reduce Risk 24%, increase quality 17%, reduce cost 7%.

Below is an infographic based on the survey. If you cannot see the image click on this link to view.

state of database continuous delivery survey results by DBmaestro

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