The Israel Ministry of Education Has Deployed DBMaestro TeamWork to Enhance Change Management of Their Oracle Databases

The Israel Ministry of Education Has Deployed DBMaestro TeamWork to Enhance Their Oracle Databases Change Managemen

The Ministry of Education has purchased and deployed DBMaestro TeamWork in a project aimed at enhancing the change management processes across all of their Oracle databases. DBMaestro TeamWork is a tool for managing database schema and table changes, allowing development teams to easily recover software versions built from .Net code in production environments.

Mrs. Sofia Minz, Manager of IT in the Ministry of Education said “With the objective of improving the management of software development in the Ministry of Education, we decided to add DBMaestro’s solution which will enable us to manage versioning in the development environment for existing and future projects. The Ministry purchased the software as part of a Request For Proposal process. During the deployment process, DBMaestro added functionality to TeamWork that was specifically based on the Ministry’s requirements.”

Yaniv Yehuda, co-Founder of DBMaestro said “We are pleased the Ministry of Education chose the DBMaestro TeamWork solution. This is an important step in expanding the adoption of TeamWork. We are confident that more government ministries will follow with the desire to increase the productivity of their development teams while decreasing exposure to the dangers of moving between project versions.”

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