Database Enforced Source Control

DBmaestro DevOps Suite is a leading database configuration and change management platform, enabling software developers and DBAs to add real Source Control Management functionality to their database world. It’s the only solution offered which covers Database Lifecycle Management (DLM for example: SQL Server, Oracle) from development through build and deployment.

DBmaestro DevOps Suite is designed to interface with leading SCM software packages, enabling a complete and safe collaborative development process – akin to the processes you’re accustomed to working with and have proven effective for native /application code development (Java, C#, C++, etc.).

With DBmaestro DevOps Suite’s database enforced source control, you can:

  • Guarantee a Single Source of Truth for your database development assets.
  • Enable teams to work safely and simultaneously within the same environment.
  • Eliminate the possibility of overriding critical changes made by another developer.
  • Rapidly implement changes without lengthy development cycles that include time-consuming, frustrating manual processes.
  • Enforce version control not only on database objects, but relevant data as well.
  • Integrate with existing development tools, allowing your team to work within the environment they’re already comfortable with, while taking advantage of advanced functionality.

Executing Merge and Deploy Automation

Simple Check In and Check Out Functionality

DBmaestro DevOps Suite enforces source control through robust Check-In/Check-Out policy enforced mechanisms at the database level. This enables development teams to safely work in the same environment, all while ensuring accurate tracking of changes and protecting all development environments.

This functionality makes it possible to use the same process of building native application code – using only changes which are documented in the source code repository – for database changes. Without the check-out, check-in process, it’s possible for two developers to make changes to the same object script simultaneously. In this case, when updating the script in the database, one could easily override or revert changes introduced by the other developer. DBmaestro’s database enforced source control process completely eliminates this possibility and enables true development team synchronization across dispersed development teams.

With DBmaestro DevOps Suite, changes can be deployed quickly, enabling companies to rapidly implement changes and improvements without the long, drawn-out development cycles rife with manual processes and frustrations.

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Database Source Control on Both Objects and Data

It’s not enough to enforce source control for database objects, ignoring the meta-data that influences application behavior and can create equally frustrating conflicts in different environments and deployment phases. DBmaestro DevOps Suite enables enforced source control for the entire database – schema objects (table structure, columns, indexes, foreign keys, etc.), database code (procedures, functions etc.) and meta-data (parameters tables, lookup content, dictionary tables etc.), all using the same check-in, check-out process that prevents out-of-process changes and conflicts resulting in the overriding of objects or data that should be protected. DBmaestro ensures that due process and development best practices are followed.

This process allows you to leverage a single source of truth for database safe deployment automation. And by correlating the check-in with a specific task, it’s no longer a mystery which database changes relate to which tasks. Information regarding changes is saved in the repository, allowing the retrieval of only relevant changes and objects when building a list of tasks.

By utilizing database version control, development teams are able to perform comprehensive roll back and keep track on object versions and revisions, seamlessly and efficiently.

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Integration with Existing Development Tools Offers Advanced Usability

DBmaestro DevOps Suite provides working interfaces for multiple IDEs and development tools, allowing developers to stay within the development environments they’re already familiar with. That means onboarding is a breeze, as your team can continue to work with the tools they are comfortable with while reaping the benefits of DBmaestro’s unique enforced source control functionality.

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History Tracking

DevOps Suite enables consolidation of development information and change history from several development branches or servers, achieving one single, trusted point of control. You’ll always know who made what changes, where, and why, with DBmaestro’s sophisticated, automated tracking functionality. With DBmaestro DevOps Suite, you can bring effective, enforced source control to the database, achieving a single, trusted point of control.

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