DBmaestro as a Service

DBmaestro’s Revolutionary Cloud Database DevOps Platform

DBmaestro’s DevOps Platform provides the means for all-encompassing database release automation, CI/CD, including automatic configuration drift detection and prevention, a comprehensive customizable role management suite, and a complete policy governance and audit trail. Now, we’ve taken this one step further, by providing the DBmaestro DevOps Platform as a cloud service.

Bring your databases into your release pipelines, on YOUR terms, easier than ever before.


Speed & Simplicity

DBmaestro as a Service leverages the ease and accessibility of modern cloud services.

Onboarding and implementation can be taken care of in short order, with you ready to perform automated database releases in no time. Provisioning can be done in a matter of minutes, the only constraint being your own schedule.


Choose the DBmaestro as a Service plan which best suits your needs.

Whether you have a mix of different databases, pipelines, environments or integrated CI/CD tools, DBmaestro as a Service can seamlessly match your needs. DBmaestro provides you with the flexibility you need to bring full release automation to your databases, on your terms.


Make your databases future-ready within minutes.

Whether you have 5 release pipelines or 50, if you have 10 database environments or 1,000 environments, DBmaestro as a Service will grow with you. It doesn’t make a difference if you want to start small and expand or jump in with your complete release pipelines, DBmaestro as a Service ensures that you will never be caught behind the curve.


Let us take care of maintaining your DBmaestro DevOps Platform for you!

We’ll take care of support, maintenance and upgrades for your cloud DBmaestro DevOps Platform, ensuring that you always have the latest release and the best performance.

Security upgrades, hotfixes, version releases and more, we’ll take care of it all for you.


More affordable than ever before

As an integral part of any CI/CD pipeline, the DBmaestro DevOps Platform was always a reasonably priced component. Now, with DBmaestro as a Service, the cost has dropped even further, making DBmaestro as a Service a necessity for any company, from SME through to the very top of the Fortune 100.

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