Do You Need Database Security Services?

If your company collects and stores any information about customers, suppliers, or other entities—and that means practically everybody—then you are responsible for database security standards. Many forms of data are legally considered to be private and so are protected by various laws and agreements. If your database security solutions are not up to scratch and a breach occurs, your organization may be subject to legal action.

The Business Importance of Database Security

  • Data loss through corruption of files or programming errors
  • Intentional attacks such as ransomware, firewall penetration, malware, and viruses that can destroy records, crash your network, and spread to other organizations
  • Physical damage to servers
  • Harmful effects regarding your reputation, brand equity, and customer trust

Database Security Services Are Different

Implementing database security standards is easier said than done. Database security threats require special treatment compared to applications. Database security issues cannot be addressed through automation due to the risk of configuration drift. Similarly, database security solutions must also deal with a lack of stability and the broken releases that can occur when overriding out-of-process changes.

DBmaestro Database Security Solutions

DBmaestro’s database security solutions are essential for enforcing organizational policy, managing roles, and administering permissions. Our database security standards follow industry best practices such as database source control, baselining, and labeling changes.

With DBmaestro, you can:

Define Roles and Access

Who is provided with access to the various databases? Who is able to transfer versions over from one environment to another environment? DBmaestro’s database security options include the ability to set roles and permissions for each individual user, specifying the precise access and type of access which is granted to each database. The system also easily lets you enforce separation of duties and specify exactly which projects and environments can be changed and by whom.

Customizable Policies for Database Activity

DBmaestro’s provides dozens of out-of-the-box database security solutions and policies, while also supporting the addition of custom, project-specific policies or global company-wide policies. Policy rules are entirely customizable and can help enforce organizational rules within your databases. Rule examples include: permitted/prohibited operations; naming or coding conventions; and production deployment timing. You are also able to select the type of notifications you will receive for policy breach attempts.

Learn More About Database Security Threats

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