DevOps Day 2 Challenge

Modernizing application development and delivery, creating a culture of communication, and implementing automated release processes are at the core of DevOps. But what about the Day 2 Challenge? Is your database ready for the challenges that arise from continuous integration, testing, delivery, and monitoring?

DBmaestro’s DevOps platform paves the way for safe implementation of CI/CD for the database. With automatic drift prevention mechanisms, customizable role management, and a complete audit trail, our platform essentially eliminates database bugs, issues, and downtimes.

Promote a Shift Left Strategy in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Establish and monitor an automated and controlled production pipeline with enhanced visibility for transparent performance metrics and a crystal-clear ROI. Not only that, all stakeholders are more involved in testing, monitoring, and remediation efforts for enhanced product quality.

Eliminate Downtime and Bugs as You Release More

Database crashes and downtimes are becoming more and more common as the number of iterations grows and database change frequency rises. Eliminate database crashes and technical issues from your ecosystem with a comprehensive management and monitoring infrastructure.

Scale Up Smoothly With Enhanced Visibility and Insights

Achieve faster time-to-market and ramp up production during peak times with a cutting-edge solution that automates, secures, and governs database releases, while giving you real-time data to optimize your releases, without affecting your existing CI/CD pipelines and their inherited benefits.

Integrate Multiple Tools Into a Single, Real-Time Value Stream

Development environments are becoming complicated with dozens of components and third-party solutions. Integrating them into one orchestrated ecosystem has become extremely challenging. DbMaestro helps solve this problem with its enhanced compatibility capabilities.

The DevOps Pipeline Overview

Supported Databases

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