GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocol, which has been in effect since May 2018, is meant to ensure the safety of all personal data being processed by websites and applications. Besides ensuring that user consent is requested and documented at all times, GDPR requires data controllers and processors to make sure all personal data is stored securely.

Furthermore, GDPR requires all data controllers and processors to notify the responsible authorities about data breaches (data theft) to allow the alleged victims to change their credentials and prevent further damage. DBmaestro’s DevOps platform has the features to provide you with sustainable and effective GDPR compliance capabilities.

Establish a Tight and Automated Database Pipeline

Eliminate the need to give multiple people direct access to your databases. Create and enforce privacy rules to deny direct database access (privileges, passwords, etc.) and prevent unauthorized changes to database objects and structures.

Enjoy the GDPR Compliance Benefits of a Clear Audit Trail

DBmaestro’s database security processes leave a deep audit trail for all kinds of activity. Not only can you know about actions being taken within your organization, you can now track malicious attempts and get notified in real-time when security incidents occur.

Manage Roles and Permissions with Ease for Seamless Compliance

You can now limit the exposure to sensitive data by determining who is allowed to access the database with DBmaestro’s Role Management Module. It is now easy to avoid data manGetipulation and unauthorised access, while identifying tampering via a centralized monitoring dashboard.

Pass Your GDPR Audits and Inspections With Ease

More and more companies are now required to show that their infrastructure is GDPR-compliant. DBmaestro’s Security and Governance Suite can help you to easily demonstrate GDPR-compatibility with its comprehensive monitoring and documentation capabilities.

Supported Databases

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