HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, took effect in 1996. This medical-record privacy protocol is meant to ensure the safety of all Protected Health Information (PHI) being processed by healthcare and healthcare insurance industries in the United States.

Besides ensuring that this sensitive healthcare information is protected from theft and fraud at all times, HIPAA requires data controllers and processors to gain and document specific user-consent before passing on information to any third-party that is not related to law enforcement.

DBmaestro’s DevOps platform has the features to provide you with sustainable and effective HIPAA compliance capabilities.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Automated and Secure Pipeline

Create and enforce privacy rules to protect PHI as per the new regulations by restricting direct access to the database (passwords, privileges, etc.). Enjoy HIPAA compliant databases with DBmaestro’s security and governance capabilities.

Access a Clear Audit Trail at All Times

DBmaestro’s database security processes leave a deep audit trail of all authorised activities. You can now be sure HIPAA guidelines are being met by recording all malicious attempts and getting the ability to respond in real-time when security incidents occur.

Role and Permission Management Made Easy

DBmaestro’s Role Management Module allows you to seamlessly manage the roles and permissions within your organization. But that’s not all. Everything is accessible via a centralized dashboard for optimal effectiveness and ease-of-use.

Ace Your HIPAA Audits and Inspections With Ease

More and more companies are now required to show that their infrastructure is HIPAA-compliant. DBmaestro’s Security and Governance Suite can help you to easily demonstrate HIPAA-compatibility with its comprehensive monitoring and seamless documentation capabilities.

You can now become HIPAA-compliant and keep PHI safe with a fully automated and secured database that can be monitored at all times.

Supported Databases

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