Streamlining Development Processes & Oracle Database Management

Improving team collaboration is a priority for many organizations as effective collaboration and development process management offers important business advantages. Collaboration speeds up the release cycle by making specification changes easier to handle and reducing the time required for integration.

In addition, effective collaboration and streamlined development process management increases team satisfaction and productivity by enabling teams to focus on developing code instead of dealing with manual documentation, creating code to support the deployment process, and worse – fixing bugs caused by overridden code or undocumented changes.

The DBmaestro DevOps Suite enables you to reap these benefits while automating processes and safeguarding code changes, all while ensuring that changes are safe to move to production and avoiding human errors associated with manual steps. DBmaestro DevOps Platform can help you completely streamline database development process management, resulting in both time and cost savings for your organization, by:

  • Preventing unauthorized changes to the database (for example: SQL Server, Oracle)databases
  • Preventing inadvertent overriding of bug fixes and other changes in the target environment
  • Providing full awareness of all changes made to the database in every development environment
  • Enabling automatic deployment to the next environment

What’s more, our DevOps Suite allows developers to stay within their own familiar development environments, providing working interfaces for all the most popular IDEs and development tools. For example, DBmaestro offers a native integration with 12c (and earlier versions) for streamlined Oracle database management.

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