What We Do

DBmaestro is bringing the agility of Automation and DevOps, with an innovative solution for evolutionary database development, safe build automation, and failsafe continuous delivery in any environment.

DBmaestro is a unified, end-to-end Automation and DevOps for Database solution, ensuring consistency from the earliest stages of defining tasks through application deployment.

With an open platform, DBmaestro’s solution integrates fully into your current development environment, working seamlessly with task-based systems, ALM tools, and other build-and-release automation software. DBmaestro brings the familiarity of application development to your database, with standard scripts for automation, as well as an easy-to-use Visual Pipeline Builder.

That means integration, on-boarding and workflow are significantly faster – and so is your time-to-value.

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Stability and Security
One of the most vexing problems of database stability and security is maintaining consistent versioning.

DBmaestro’s enforced version control ensures a single source of truth throughout development, underpinning a fully automated process for preventing pitfalls that can break your deployment. This includes a check-in/check-out system and a database object locking mechanism to prevent code overrides and conflicts, configuration drifts, and other causes of instability.

For added security and control, DBmaestro can be configured to granularly define team members’ roles and responsibilities. Such effective separation of duties is critical to preventing unauthorized or accidental version overrides.

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DBmaestro is designed to provide the flexibility and speed developers and DBAs have quickly come to expect.

The key to faster development response times is DBmaestro’s task-based deployment, while both content (metadata) and object management ensures the data is accessible to all types of applications. With the data stored as editable scripts, your database administrator can easily manually amend the content, when necessary.

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DBmaestro’s Automation and DevOps for Database is the only truly enterprise-ready solution.

DBmaestro adapts and grows along with your company and its development needs. It secures and manages databases equally well on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. That is why DBmaestro is the best option for the most complex automation scenarios, including merging of multiple R&D branches.

And as technology advances and the need for data protection develops accordingly, DBmaestro’s full and comprehensive audit trail capabilities will become more and more important for regulatory adherence.

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Bring the time-tested best practices of application development to your database today – with DBmaestro.