Top DevOps Conferences of 2021

Since we are in 2021, here is a list of the 21 most essential DevOps events that you should consider participating in to elevate your networking and branding.

#1 DevSecOps (Multiple Dates)

DevSecOps consists of several conferences that are held across the globe. Although right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, most of the events were moved online, it is still one of the most popular free DevOps events. It is devoted to education and exploring development, operations, and security as one continuous cycle as well as the implementation of security as code.

Why DevSecOps? Anyone can host a conference in their city. Go to “Your Location” on the event’s homepage and create a DevSecOps in your region. 

#2 DevOpsCon London (April 20-23)

This DevOps conference is usually hosted in London but nowadays it went online due to restrictions. Besides DevOps, this event covers many topics like Continuous Integration and Delivery, cloud services, containers, and so on. The conference also focuses on the newest technologies such as Go development.

Why Attend DevOpsCon London? Next to interactive discussions and Q&A’s, you will be able to access the video recordings for another year after the conference.

#3 SKILup Day: Agile Transformation (April 22)

Agile methodology is the cornerstone of the modern approach to software development. It implies a rapid reaction to changes, continuous delivery, and entails best practices like DevOps. SKILup event brings together experts and beginners of the DevOps adoption and acts as a great platform to grow, exchange knowledge, and make important connections.

Why Attend SKILup Day? This conference opens its doors to industry-leading experts like developers from Google, GitLab, or Scaled Agile.

#4 PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit (April 27-29)

PowerShell and DevOps conference is the annual event for everyone who works with DevOps and Agile methodologies. Especially if you are only thinking about integrating DevOps into your development cycle, this conference will give you the exact tools and methods of a successful and smooth implementation. A highly recommended event that should be in your itinerary.

Why PowerShell & DevOps? The online version of the conference is significantly cheaper than the on-site one, with full access to all discussions for only $300.

#5 KubeCon Europe (May 4-7)

KubeCon will cover technologies and best practices related to cloud native. This year it is also held online and comes with a very affordable fee of $75 per ticket. With a large number of sponsored sessions from industry’s big players like Kubernetes, Cisco, Dell, Huawei, Intel, and many others, this conference will give you access to the brightest minds of the world of IT and DevOps.

Why KubeCon? KubeCon offers a variety of interactive experiences with the leaders of the tech world. Learn from the experts!

#6 Continuous Lifecycle (10-12 May)

Continuous Lifecycle is an online technical event with a moderate ticket price of $350. This conference unites seasoned DevOps and Continuous Delivery experts from all over the world. By attending this event, you can learn the basics of the concepts as a beginner and deepen your knowledge as a specialist.

Why Continuous Lifecycle? This event provides practical information on the topics as well as offers interactive sessions with the speakers. 

#7 DevOps Pro Europe (May 11-13)

This is the first conference on our list that also offers on-site attendance. Although the number of on-site tickets will be limited due to social distancing measures, you still have a chance to take part in this DevOps event.  You will learn about the main principles and basics of DevOps as well as extend your knowledge with real-life scenarios, use cases, and hands-on tips.

Why DevOps Pro Europe? This conference will explain how the implementation of DevOps works alongside the development, deployment, maintenance, etc. 

#8 DevOps Enterprise Summit (18-20 May)

DevOps Enterprise Summit is another famous tech conference that went online last year. But even online, it manages to bring the best specialists together, create a platform for knowledge exchange, and provide hands-on learning. This event will get you connected with a variety of top-notch DevOps and database professionals with whom you can collaborate going ahead.

Why DevOps Enterprise Summit? DevOps Enterprise Summit offers ongoing post-conference networking channels in Slack for anyone who is interested.

#9 DockerCon (May 27)

DockerCon is a virtual event that invites everyone who is involved in building the next generation of applications. This free conference covers the entire process from A to Z: it discussed development, security, cloud services, and much more.

DevOps is the centerpiece of this tech event, where you will meet many experts on the topic who will share their expertise.

Why DockerCon? You will get access to discussions, technical sessions led by professionals, and product demos that will help you innovate.

#10 SwampUp (June 1-3)

SwampUp has a slightly different approach to technical events and focuses more on practice rather than theory. Instead of holding long speeches and discussions, SwampUp gives you actual tips and use cases that will help you deepen your understanding of the DevOps methodology. You can ask questions, present your real problems, and receive real answers.

Why SwampUP? After three days of DevOps training from well-established speakers and experts, you’ll have hands-on experience and valuable insights.

#11 Agile + DevOps West (June 7-11)

This year, Agile + DevOps West is a virtual conference with more than 75 discussions covering various topics. This event revolves around building reliable and safe applications using the latest technologies and best practices. You will receive practical advice on how to build faster and more frequently as well as deliver stable features.

Why Agile + DevOps West? Agile + DevOps West offers you three packages that include various extra options like virtual training courses.  

#12 cdCon (June 23-24)

The cdCon DevOps evening is mainly focused on discussing how to quickly and efficiently build applications with a high grade of security. The conference consists of discussions and Q&As with world-leading experts. Participants will learn practical and theoretical knowledge about software development and its latest trends. The sponsors will present their expertise at the end of each day.

Why cdCon? The list of cdCon’s sponsors is truly impressive: Netflix, Cloudbees, Huawei, and many others. Do you need more reasons to join?

#13 DevOps India Summit (27-28 August)

This year, DevOps Summit in India stays online and concentrates on DevSecOps, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, and other prominent technologies that drive software development. The main emphasis of this Indian tech event is adapting the new fourth industrial revolution commonly known as Industry 4.0.

Why DevOps India Summit? The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. When the conference goes offline, you’ll enjoy yoga sessions, parties, and more. 

#14 The National DevOps Conference (September)

Being supported by leading platforms like DevOps Online and Test Magazine, The National DevOps conference invites the most prominent professionals to share their experience with the attendees. You will hear the stories about the implementation of DevOps in different firms and teams, while also getting access to valuable information about the mistakes they made in the past.

Why The National DevOps Conference? The National DevOps Conference has surprised everyone with the venue for 2021 – The British Museum. 

#15 Monitorama (September 13-15)

Monitorama takes place on-site, in Portland. If you are located nearby or ready for the journey, this is a great opportunity. With the main focus on monitoring software, it covers many topics, including DevOps and agile methodology. Here you will receive first-hand information about the tools and techniques used by the biggest players in the IT-sphere.

Why Monitorama? Monitorama allows you to experience an actual old times tech event, where you can exchange knowledge in a casual setting. 

#16 DevOps Fusion (September 14)

DevOps Fusion is a Zurich-based technical event that encompasses DevOps-related concepts and developments. It is a conference organized by volunteers who are devoted to growing DevOps in Switzerland and across the globe. It addresses the technical part of the methodology  – delivery pipeline, Continuous Integration, etc., together with cultural changes.

Why DevOps Fusion? The conference will deliver you a set of practical and actionable tips to build an application using the best practices of DevOps.

#17 Hands-on Agile Software Development (September 20-23)

VSLive Training Seminars offer an array of various courses and educational events. Hands-on Agile Software Development seminar will provide you with extensive online training. If you are near Austin, you can also participate in the on-site event. You will receive first-hand information, expand your contact list with valuable professionals, and learn new trends.

Why Hand-on Agile Software Development? An immersive experience because you will be learning in small classes with highly trained instructors.

#18 DevOps World (September 29-30)

DevOps World is for everyone who works in the IT-sphere, from developers to managers, from DevOps practitioners to beginners. This conference offers training and workshops, introduces DevOps leaders to the attendees as well as acts as a platform to network and exchange. You can also check out the recording from the 2020 event by following the link – Click Here.

Why DevOps World? DevOps World offers an in-built platform to ask tech-related questions and receive answers from world leaders in the field. 

#19 Agile India (11-18 October)

Agile India Conference is an annual event that also shifted online in the past year. The dates for the conference in 2021 are not published yet but they will be soon. It includes discussions, agile and DevOps workshops as well as a platform to promote your product or service. Agile India is the perfect place to partner up, build business connections, and find professionals for hire.

Why Agile India? Agile India Conference is organized and hosted by devoted volunteers, who are truly passionate about the world of agile and DevOps. 

#20 All Day DevOps (October 28)

All Day DevOps is another free online conference that revolves around DevOps and DevSecOps. They have a tight schedule and go over continuous integration, AWS, security best practices, and cultural transformation in the software development world. All sessions are recorded and can be used for training sessions with your teams and new developers alike.

Why All Day DevOps? Day DevOps consists of 180 speakers that one after another share their knowledge and answer questions for 24 hours. 

#21 GlueCon (November 17-18)

GlueCon is a bit more technically aligned than the other events on this list. This event will focus mainly on the development side of the process and new best practices for developers and DBAs. The 2021 edition will be covering many topics such as Serverless architecture, DevOps, APIs, Containers, Blockchain, and many others. A must-visit event for technical professionals.

Why GlueCon? Instead of making content understandable for all stakeholders, GlueCon focuses on technical advances and operational trends. 

Be There or Be Square
Unlike 2020 where there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty, this year has been well-planned with a lot of virtual and on-prem DevOps events. We are confident that this comprehensive list will help your planning and elevate your business with the training and networking these events provide. So regardless of where your business is located, go ahead and sign up for a few of them.