Deploying fast and quality deliverables to customers and the channels is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

The ability to augment and empower every business decision-making process with an insightful data-driven approach leads organizations on the right path. The business is rapidly changing; the notion of waiting weeks/months for the pending changes in data architecture to enable releasing new software versions has given way to agile, more specialized, and focused data change management delivered in near real-time. This ever-growing demand for changes and modification on data structure and database schemas creates an enormous load on the development team and daily challenges to the internal data production floor.

Business agility demands smart and agile data architecture to support it.

Data architect, the new rising data star, is the visioner who sees beyond the business requirements and constantly seeks ways to improve the data change in IT infrastructure to exceed the growth of data demand. A data architect is also a hands-on practitioner who knows what it takes to build and fine-tune the data architecture, enabling smooth data flow across all consumers. The role of the data architect becomes essential as the architecture needs to address several complexed aspects of the solution. He is a doer who applies innovative architectural changes, best practices, and can be a supervisor who ensures streamlined communication of the shift to the data stakeholders.


DBmaestro empowers data architects to govern the entire change data chain process. Our solution includes team collaboration, verifying the best quality of data changes, full compliance with regulation, and intelligent enforcement of security and safety policies. Anyone considering building a new house would hire an architect to help design, plan and execute the project right. The same logic applies to data assets; you need a data architect to build a blueprint for the database.