Customers report on a new phenomena; many companies and brands are struggling to deliver the same services and experience they have delivered in the past. Some call it Skimpflation; a situation where companies are responding to a major change such as higher costs, and the reduction in the quality of a service. Skimpflation means consumers get less for the same terms (not only on price).

This challenging delivery is the symptom, yet its impact goes beyond temporary dissatisfaction from sudden service hiccups. In today’s world, prompt response to your customers, your channel, and your data consumers are what distinguishes between market leaders and other players. There are many to blame; shortage in skilled people, the growing workload, working in silos due to Covid pandemic, the great resignation, and other valid reasons are a fact. Both heaven and competition can’t wait.

Companies must increase and harness automation which addresses these challenges. The time is right for reviewing the corporate delivery chain, identifying the weak points, bottlenecks, and suggesting automated hands-free processes that are cheaper, faster and safer. One example is how companies are improving their data delivery mechanism.  Legacy systems with costly development and maintenance from years past, and which require tedious amounts of work and resources continue with high end costs. These areas are prime targets for hands-free processes and automation.

The pumping heart of most organizations resides in an unexpected place; the in-house software factory. These great development teams are responsible to streamline all data deliverables both inside and outside of the company’s firewall. In many firms these processes are still manual and human powered. The expected result creates a bottleneck.

Skimpflation has become a daily choice created by avoiding modernization and automation in the data delivery infrastructure. DBmaestro, leading provider of database release automation empowers developer teams’ productivity, freeing them from the manual code reviews and optimizing their use of time. DBmaestro empowers development teams to do more with less. Our platform boosts your team’s performance and smoothly and safely enables you to cross over the database delivery chasm.