Modern development architecture is designed with speed and scale in mind.

Deploying code to production hundreds of times a day/week is common practice for many organizations. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) automation is the best way to accomplish robust, safe, and secure DB version releases. Git plays a meaningful role in tracking these changes and coordinating work among programmers collaboratively developing the code during software development. GitOps is the best practice to orchestrate, manage and govern these complex development workflows, ensuring successful completion of every activity in these task-savvy and tedious processes. GitOps simplifies and streamlines the development process and enables building a visible and reproducible infrastructure that reduces load-cost and increases team productivity.

DBmaestro is the best practice for deploying GitOps for the database. Our DevSecOps platform seamlessly integrates into the Git workflow, pushing and pulling database change-code into and out of the repository. The platform enforces corporate data security policy and automatically generates database code changes that set a new high-quality corporate coding standard. DBmaestro is the Git Go-To-Deployment platform for the database. DBmaestro empowers developers to achieve hyper-productivity with automated tracking of all database changes and automatic change-code generation.


DBmaestro, the leading solution provider for the DevOps platform, launched its first GitOps solution back in 2017. The accumulated experience gained by serving thousands of developers worldwide validates a fine-tuned GitOps solution that fits any size development team. DBmaestro uses simplicity to empower database release automation and makes GitOps on-demand for the development team. Smooth and prompt adoption of these proven best practices shortens the gap for successful GitOps deployment by every Waterfall and DevOps developer. GitOps powered by DBmaestro is essential to achieving fine-tuned, orchestrated, secured and fully governed database release automation.