If you're using MariaDB, you need to check out DBmaestro!

They offer source control for MariaDB databases.

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If you’re managing the MariaDB database, you may be in the market for source control, and we have just the solution! DBmaestro offers some of the most flexible and powerful source control management tools, helping you keep track of changes to your data on a per-user and per-database level, whether that’s ensuring your DBA can follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, protecting valuable company data from accidental deletion or overwriting other staff members’ code. Best of all, with DBmaestro’s support for MariaDB, getting started with version control for the database has never been easier!

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Database Source Control?

Source control is a database management tool that lets developers collaborate on databases and keep track of database structure changes. It helps with collaboration when multiple people are working on the same project and provides a single source of truth for all of the changes made in the database. DBmaestro’s Source Control includes database change scripts, which are scripts that can be used to introduce schema changes and manipulate data as required. Database administrators and database developers use it as a single reference point for the database’s configuration information (i.e., its structure).

95% less deployment errors

“It takes seconds to change database objects with source control management and linking them with customer tickets. Deployment, versioning, and auditing are done in a breeze.”

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Uğur Çakmak

Software Architect, Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta

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Why Should You Use Source Control for MariaDB Database?

Having access to a centralized repository for all of your data is vital for cross-team collaboration. Having full visibility of all changes also boosts productivity for the simple reasons that it identifies conflicts early, merges different development branches and enforces change procedures. It also enables you to ensure that only authorized changes are applied to production servers.

What are the Options Available?

DBmaestro is the go-to solution for database source control with an expertise in MariaDB. Our intuitive interface and automation features will have your team up and running in no time!

Why Should I Use DBmaestro for MariaDB?

Finding the right tools for managing database sources can be challenging. If you’re looking for an agile and scalable solution, look no further than DBmaestro’s Source Control for MariaDB! It offers a detailed history of all changes made to the database while also providing a clear view of the entire structure–all without needing any additional software installation or configuration on the server side. Plus, with its easy-to-use interface, it is perfect for both novice and advanced users alike.

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