Database Source Control Management for MS SQL with DBmaestro.

DBmaestro now provides Source Control for MS SQL, among many others.

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There are several reasons to choose DBmaestro for MS SQL source control. Microsoft SQL has gained millions of users since its introduction in 1989 and according to Statista is the second most used DBMS in the world. DBmaestro offers solutions that support numerous database servers, including MS SQL Server, providing complete control over your database code, giving you the ability to manage and track changes, and securing your database source code. This allows you to take advantage of powerful tools that can help you manage your MS SQL source with astonishing ease.

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What is DBmaestro Source Control?

DBmaestro’s Source Control is an enterprise-grade, cross-platform database source control solution that provides comprehensive software development lifecycle (SDLC) functionality for database developers and DBAs. It is the perfect solution for simplifying tasks such as deploying databases, tracking database structure changes, preparing database releases, merging branches, and much more.

95% less deployment errors

“It takes seconds to change database objects with source control management and linking them with customer tickets. Deployment, versioning, and auditing are done in a breeze.”

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How does versioning work with MS SQL?

MS SQL is a robust relational database that is exceptional for data storage. Used commonly by financial institutions, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, manufacturing companies, engineering firms and government agencies Microsoft SQL has proven itself to be a very robust tool. However it is also true that, as databases grow in size and complexity, managing them grows increasingly difficult. This is why DBmaestro’s Source Control solution is so crucial.

The DBmaestro’s Source Control for Microsoft SQL Server allows users to not only monitor changes made to their databases, but also track when the changes are made and who made the changes. It also generates database change scripts, which is a huge timesaver. It also offers the ability to roll back changes whenever needed, which can be an entire project saver.

The benefits of using DBmaestro with MS SQL

With DBmaestro’s Microsoft SQL Server Source Control, you can create different versions of your database and revert to a previous version in seconds.

Benefits include:

  • Scalable, agile, cross-team collaboration
  • Always have full visibility of who made changes and what changes were made, where, and why
  • Automatically generate and test database change scripts
  • Identify conflicts and merge different development branches, while getting a full view of all committed changes
  • Enforce change procedures and reduce application downtime caused by database-related errors
  • Make it simple for Devs, DevOps, and DBAs to work together to accelerate release speed

Get started with DBmaestro’s Source Control for MSSQL

Today there is no question that source control for MsSQL is considered a best practice. And DBmaestro’s Source Control for MsSQL allows unparalleled control for database changes. DBmaestro enables a free trial, easily downloaded and seamlessly integrated with MsSQL. Take a few seconds to connect DBmaestro’s Source Control to your MsSQL Server now to see for yourself!

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