Consolidate your change history with PostgreSQL.

DBmaestro now provides Source Control for PostgreSQL, among many others.

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If you use PostgreSQL, you’ll be happy to know that DBmaestro now provides database version control (i.e. Source Control) for PostgreSQL databases. This means that all of your database objects, including  databases, tables, views, sequences, custom functions written in procedural languages, custom data types defined, and sequences and even selected table data (for lookup tables), will be maintained in a unified repository, and kept up-to-date automatically with any changes made by any team member on the PostgreSQL server. We empower you to monitor and control your databases through all versions and that includes:

  • Scalable, agile, cross-team collaboration
  • Detailed history of all changes made
  • Safe and smooth rollback function
  • Automatic generation of database change scripts
  • Reduce time-consuming work and human errors
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Problem - Keeping track of the source of PostgreSQL databases is no longer cumbersome

DBmaestro was the first to realize that the absence of database source control for PostgreSQL databases was a serious gap for development teams and DBAs. Prior to DBmaestro’s Source Control, there was no easy way to:

  • Integrate with all sources of PostgreSQL database changes, throughout all environments
  • Have full visibility of who made changes and what changes were made, where, and why
  • Consolidate the database change history from several development branches and database servers

Enable Devs, DevOps, and DBAs to work together to accelerate release speed

95% less deployment errors

“It takes seconds to change database objects with source control management and linking them with customer tickets. Deployment, versioning, and auditing are done in a breeze.”

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Uğur Çakmak

Software Architect, Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta

Database source control

Finally, Developers and DBAs can work together towards fast release cadence while getting a full view of all committed changes with a single, trusted point of control for PostgreSQL database.

DBmaestro tracks all database source changes, ensuring every developer is on the same page.

DBmaestro’s database Source Control is now available for PostgreSQL databases.

This solution offers a user friendly, safe and unified tool to manage, control and collaborate all database changes made on every version that you deploy. With this type of flexibility you can undo and redo changes as needed without worrying about accidentally overriding any other code, avoiding partial database code updates and ensuring proven, unified code across all databases.

DBmaestro offers a single, trusted point of control for consolidating the change history across several development branches. This means that you have a single view of the entire PostgreSQL codebase where you can easily make changes between branches without worrying about conflicts or merge errors.

The ability to see all PostgreSQL database source changes in one place, together with the ability to compare and merge them at will, makes it easier than ever before to manage complex data-oriented software projects. Just as important, this new version control ensures that your code is ready for release, easily and optimally, because it automatically generates change scripts (and tests them) well in advance of deployment. This in turn will reduce application downtime caused by database-related errors during release.

All Both Git variants and SVN clients are supported by DBmaestro, so team members can use whatever they’re most comfortable with. You’ll always have full visibility of who made changes and what changes were made – where, when and why – so your team is always up-to-date on every stage of the development process with PostgreSQL

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