Version Control

Manage and document all changes made to database code, structure and content across all teams. Preserve the health and stability of your database with activities synchronized throughout the entire organization.

Enforce database change policy, inside the database

Set and enforce version control best practices and change policy for database development across all teams and developers.

The Version Control Module validates database changes against schemas and relevant content, while preventing unauthorized and out-of-process changes. This ensures that all changes are properly logged and linked to actual business requirements.

Keep a detailed history of all changes made

Consolidate development information and change history from several development branches or servers, achieving one single, trusted point of control. You’ll always know who made changes, what changes were made, where, and why, with the platform’s automated tracking functionality.

Minimize errors and time-consuming rework

The enforced check-in/check-out system significantly reduces application downtime caused by database-related human errors.

The module can identify conflicts and suggest merges (when merging different development branches), providing a full view of all changes committed.

With implemented version management tools put in place, development and DBA teams can enjoy a 15% increase in productivity and 10X faster time-to-market.

Scalable agile team collaboration

As your organization grows, database requirements increase and changes occur more often. The Version Control Module can assist in increasing the number deployments per developer, while seamlessly supporting growth in volume and change frequencies.

The module easily merges parallel developed branches, including cases where several teams are working on parallel schemas.

Supported Databases

APIs & Integration

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